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As a whole, the heart of this ministry is to grow, not to just fill rooms, or for people to think we are really cool, or our house is really cool, but really so that more people could come to know Jesus. And for those who have already begun a relationship with Jesus, our heart is to go deeper and stand solid on your faith in a way to then share that with the greater community. The basics of it are that, in Monmouth, not everyone knows Jesus. So we would love to close that gap a bit by doing what we can. And if that means praying, we want to pray. If that means opening our home, we want to show that hospitality. If that means preaching, teaching, or bible studies, that’s what we are going to do. If that means marketing, we want to market. If that means giving, we want to give our time, money and resources. If that means making time, we are going to make time. We are willing to do whatever it takes as a ministry to see more people come to know Jesus and to have a real love relationship with our risen savior.

About Us

We are a women’s college ministry home in the Praise Assembly family of churches. We have a heart for building an intentional community of ministry and discipleship within the walls of our house, for those living with us as well as extending the hospitality of Jesus to our community around us. We just want to see Jesus more and more and we want to be part of the Lord’s plan for our community as a whole.

Contact Us

E-mail: harriet@praiseonline.net
Address: 169 Monmouth Avenue S., Monmouth, Oregon 97361


Hello! I am MacKenzie and I have the privilege of leading Harriet House in discipleship. I have been part of the Praise family for 10 years and on leadership for a little over three years now. The Harriet House fully opened in 2010 and I enjoyed being in the first generation of women to live in the house until 2013. Since graduating college at WOU, I got my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and work in behavior with elementary age students. I love hiking,  kayaking, and summer camp. My heart for the Harriet House is to create a safe place for women to grow in the Lord during this important milestone in life, preparing to launch them into their individual calling, and then impacting the community of Monmouth in service. I am so excited to meet you, whether you are looking to live in the house, be connected in ministry, or are just part of the community. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me!