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Harriet House Alumni

Our Vision

The Harriet House Alumni Association exists to cultivate relationship and connection with current and former residents of the Harriet House Ministry (formerly Casablanca). The Harriet House became a formal ministry in August 2010. Including 24 ladies of Casablanca, this home has had nearly 120 women not only live, but grow deeper with Jesus and prepare for their calling.

Meet our Alumni Queens

Bailey Miller

Heelllloooo! I am Bailey Miller and I'm a hugger! I lived in the Harriet House July 2017-July 2019. I still live in Monmouth and now lead worship at Praise Assembly. The Harriet House sustained and grew the most important friendships in my life. God taught me to be fearless as I became vulnerable and honest with women for the first time in my life and I became a better woman because of it. I am now empowered to experience and receive the calling God has on my life and to encourage others to do the same.

Leah Boysen (Stadler)

Hi! I'm Leah Boysen (soon to be Stadler) and I lived in the Harriet House June 2017-June 2019. I still live in Monmouth, about to get married and graduate! While I lived in the house, I met some of my best friends. I grew in faith significantly, especially when it comes to speaking and sharing the gospel. My life in the house was filled with belly laughter, challenges to overcome, and unique memories.

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The Harriet House will ALWAYS be my home away from home!"

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